Research Outline

Global Hookah Brands & Marketing


To support a larger understanding of global hookah device marketing strategies by identifying the key hookah device brands worldwide (including M4ytho, 02Hookah, JimmyZ, PowerHookah, ECoal, IQOS, Square E-head), their relative market share globally, associated marketing strategies by brand (e.g., key messaging, related images, preferred brand promotion channels/tactics such as social media, influencers), the most frequent occasions/settings and the cultural significance of hookah use in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and the demographics and psychographics of the typical hookah consumer worldwide (including any key regional differences for Europe, Asia and the Middle East where possible).

Early Findings

Top Global Hookah Brands/Manufacturers

  • A preponderance of industry experts (e.g., 360ResearchReports, WiseGuyReports, Market ResearchExplore, DecisionDatabases) indicate that the following nine companies are the top hookah device manufacturers worldwide:
    • Al Fakher Hookahs
    • Starbuzz Hookahs
    • FUMARI
    • Mya Hookah
    • Evolution Hookahs
    • Anahi Hookahs
    • Regal Hookahs
    • Tianbao Glass
    • Ed Hardy Hookah
  • According to 360ResearchReports the hookah device market is highly concentrated, with the top eleven manufacturers accounting for approximately 65% of global revenue.
  • In particular, Al Fakher Hookahs holds the largest market share for hookah devices globally (17.63%), followed by Starbuzz Hookahs and FUMARI.
  • Although public data on the market share of other hookah device manufacturers appears to be limited, the global market share by company can likely be triangulated by combining each company's annual revenue with the global value of the hookah market in 2019 of $130 million.