Research Outline

Coworking Spaces in Auckland, New Zealand and Toronto, Canada


To provide an understanding of the coworking spaces in Auckland, New Zealand and Toronto, Canada by obtaining a list of the key coworking spaces in the two cities. For each coworking space, information provided should include: location, size and look of the workspace, amenities, membership details, membership fee/pricing details, examples of members, and details on regular networking and event opportunities.

Early Findings

Coworking Spaces in Auckland, New Zealand

Among the key coworking space operators in Auckland by size include Generator, BizDojo, The Ice House, ColabNZ, Spaces, B:HIVE, ATEED, Rewired, and Willis Bond.



  • The company website can be found here. It has been in operation since 2011 and has over 1500 members.

Size and Locations

Sample Amenities

  • Its amenities comprise receptionists, barista coffee, printing, WIFI, meeting rooms, member discounts on additional services, and multi-site common area access.

Membership and Pricing

  • Generator membership classes include: Hot Desk: Resident Desks, Private Offices, and Corporate.
    • Each of the membership class has a different offering and pricing.
    • The price for hot desks is between $249 and $599 per month, dependent on the number of days per week.
    • The pricing options for resident desks range from $900 to $1,300 per month.
    • Private office pricing is dependent on "size, views, location to suit different requirements and budgets."
    • Corporate and premium corporate membership is priced at between $495 to $995 per month. This membership class is for "out-of-towners who have regular meetings in the city and want to base themselves somewhere professional with all the amenities their office would provide."


  • Among the members at Generator are: Artemis Executive Recruitment, Expedia, Bluesky Recruitment, Adhesive public relations company, Opes Partners property investment company, and HYPR software company.

Networking and Event Opportunities

  • Generator's community calendar of events consists of "happy hour to wine and chocolate tastings, food truck Fridays to Sunday sessions, summer bootcamps, yoga and meditation to speaker series, lunch and learns, networking, mentorships and free business advice."

Summary of Findings

  • In this preliminary hour of research, we determined that information on the coworking spaces in the two cities is available. We were able to provide information on the key operators in Auckland, and also gave the requested information on one of the operators.
  • Due to time constraints, we were not able to provide similar information on the other identified coworking spaces in the city; or provide information on the key players in Toronto. We suggest further research in order to provide this information as elaborated below: