Key Drivers for Staying in Holiday Parks and Purchasing a Caravan/Lodge


To obtain insights into some key drivers (motivations) for why British people stay in holiday parks, and why they would purchase a caravan/lodge.

Early Findings

  • Caravans have been part of British culture since the1880s. Recently, static caravan holiday homes have become more popular than ever before.
  • Some of the reasons why individuals purchase caravan holiday homes are as explained below.
  • Health Benefits: Away from home in holiday caravans, individuals get to live better by enjoying a better diet, more active in exercise, social stimulation, more laughter, relaxation, and sleep.
  • Affordability: Holiday caravan homes are also affordable compared to family holidays spent in alternative hotels. Some owners even let their holidaymakers, and the income generated helps to cover some (or occasionally all) of the running costs.
  • Holiday Parks Rock: Holiday caravan homes allow individuals to fully and optimally enjoy holiday parks ambiance, wildlife, and other natural attractions.
  • Flexibility: The flexibility that comes with holiday caravan homes is attractive to Brits. Individuals enjoy the flexibility that comes with the elimination of airport parking, check-in, and security checks, etc.
  • New Experiences: With caravans, accessing holiday parks is more manageable, and families get to have fun, excitement, history, and culture. From Roman villas to roller-coasters, museums to markets, and everything in between.
  • Caravans are awesome: Caravans are no longer the cold, draughty, but amazing spaces that break the monotony of hotel rooms.

Summary of Findings

  • The initial hour of research has covered some reasons why British people purchase caravan holiday homes.
  • However, due to time restrictions, we were not able to research on why British people stay in holiday parks. Even so, more hours of research will allow for the same.
  • Please choose one or more of the proposed next steps in the scoping section below.

Proposed next steps:

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