Food Safety Industry Overview and Trends


Determine which food industry (such as poultry, beef, or seafood) is most impacted by food safety concerns; brands or companies that are most often associated with supply chain traceability; the presence of whole genome sequencing technologies (including how many companies are using it and what companies, if available); barriers to blockchain technology in relation to food safety; company training for food safety and quality assurance (including what processes or certifications are involved); whether companies view consumer and regulatory food safety expectations to be a hindrance or an aid in sustainability goals; and notable trade publications in the US, Canada, South Korea, China, Japan, Thailand, Brazil, Germany to identify key trends and associated companies.

Early Findings

Whole Genome Sequencing Insights

  • Whole genome sequencing (WGS) has become increasingly common as public health institutions have turned to it to track outbreaks, reports a 2019 analysis on its spreading usage.
  • Since 2014, PulseNet has been working to turn WGS into a matter of routine public health surveillance. It has been doing so with funding from the CDC's Advanced Molecular Detection initiative.

Company Training Insights

  • Employees are trained by management, with the planned training materials submitted to the quality assurance or quality control supervisor in advance to sure compliance and that all points are met.

Do Companies View Food Safety Expectations as Hindrance or Help

  • Some companies are jumping on the challenge of increased food safety regulation to get their voice out early as a leader in food safety to consumers.

Traceability Insights

  • Emphasizing traceability enables companies to share where their products are sourced from with consumers and potentially charge a premium over large companies that can't identify sources.

Blockchain Insights

Trade Publications

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Summary of Early Findings in Relation to Goals

The first hour of research involved outlining the project to determine if the requested information is available.

We did not find a cut-and-dry answer for what industries are most vulnerable to food safety challenges, and thus we recommend pivoting to an overview of challenges facing different industries. Information on how companies feel about whether increasing regulations are a help or a hindrance to sustainability was similarly difficult to find during a high-level search.

Whole Genome Sequencing appears to be widely adopted as a result of public health institutions influencing the need for traceability during an outbreak.

Company training for food safety in the United States is generally governed by the FDA's Current Good Manufacturing Processes while some individual workplaces implement higher standards such as HACCP.

The rate of blockchain adoption appears to be related to the size of the company and its IT budget more than anything else.

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