Research Outline

Nanovesicle Encapsulation and Emulsion Technology Overview


Provide an overview of the nanovesicle encapsulation and emulsion technology markets (including key industry trends and statistics, demand drivers, standard practices, and primary customers) for both the food and beverage and pharmaceutical OTC products (including specifically for the CBD/hemp, whey/plant protein, energy stimulants, nootropics, alcohol, vitamins and minerals, and probiotics industries) and identify the primary competitors to Nulixir to help inform Nulixir's marketing strategy.

Early Findings

Industry Background

  • The global nanoencapsulation industry (specifically for food products) is anticipated to grow to $10.3 billion by 2025 with a compound growth rate of 6 percent.
  • Pharmaceutical nanoencapsulation techniques are being utilized in the food sector.
  • The food and beverage portion of the industry is anticipated to grow the fastest as a result of the multiple types of application of microencapsulation.
  • For delivery methods, the emulsion technologies segment is anticipated to grow the fastest within the global microencapsulation market.

Competitors to Nulixir

  • Nulixir is a company utilizing patented nanovesicle encapsulation in its products, including one direct-to-market product (a wellness shot). Among the key global competitors in this field are companies such as Aquanova, Frutarom, Southwest Research Institute, and Thies Technology.
  • Vive Organic is a maker of cold-pressed wellness shots specifically for immune boosting and can be considered a direct competitor to Nulixir's product.

Summary of Early Findings in Relation to Goals

The first hour of research involved outlining the project to determine if the requested information is available and conducting high-level searches to complete background information on the industries involved. While there is information about the size and growth of the nanoencapsulation food and beverage industry, similar monetary metrics don't appear to be available for the pharmaceutical industry's usage of nanoencapsulation. However, there is ample information about the usage of techniques for pharmaceutical purposes.

The research team identified potential competitors to Nulixir and can continue this research as requested.