Keyless Entry Top Players


The goal is to find some top competitors in the multifamily keyless entry market and create a competitive landscape. The landscape should include topics such as offerings, wifi requirements, partners, and more.

Early Findings

  • Keyless entry is the second most desired amenity of apartment dwellers.
  • Aside from Latch, considers Schlage one of the top multifamily keyless entry providers.
  • Some multifamily keyless entry companies include GoKeyless, Lockitron, Point Central, and Yale.
  • Latch's partners include UPS, Niido, Jet, and Walmart.
  • Latch includes both hardware and software. They offer 3 door entry options for apartment buildings that are operated through a mobile app or computer software.
  • Lockitron is designed for both single homes and multifamily buildings. They offer 3 hardware options for doors and require users to download an app to operate their products, or use a mobile website.
  • Schlage offers two hardware designs. Their software can operate up to 500 doors at a time and includes audit records for landlords.
  • Schlage locks can be opened by residents using their smartphones and have an offline mode for landlords.
  • Bolster your final deliverable with proprietary research from Freedonia Group for an additional $75. This research includes an overview of the smart home locks market, including multifamily options.

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