Research Outline

SEO Keyword Research


The goal is to find tips on how to perform SEO keyword research.

Early Findings

  • 15% of Google's daily searches are brand new keywords that the engine hasn't seen before, meaning popular keywords are constantly changing.
  • 8% of Google searches are made up of questions, which means these type of searches need to be considered when choosing keywords.
  • This blog provides six tips for SEO keyword research including reverse engineering competitor pages, gap analysis, and finding proven keywords with the Google Search Console.
  • This blog provides a basic article with tips on learning about long-tail keywords, using Google suggestions, and using keywords in a pay-per-click campaign.
  • This blog talks about using negative keywords, building a list of localized keywords, and using Google's "People also ask" section to find more keywords.
  • This blog talks about keyword themes, keyword trends, user personas, and Google Ads tips.
  • This blog talks about surveying customers to find better keywords for a target audience, using problem-solving keywords, and looking at target question searches.