Research Outline

YouTube Keyword Research


To identify YouTube keywords for a consulting/coaching business (KaBOOM Coaching)..

Early Findings

The following phrases are considered good keywords for this business:
  • Business coach - monthly volume 3,193
  • Business coaching - monthly volume 1.964
  • Business coaching services - monthly volume 395
  • Business coaching programs - monthly volume 218
  • How to start a life coaching business - monthly volume 445
  • Business coaching tips
  • Business coaching plan
  • Business coaching business
  • Business fundamentals [101]
  • Business transformation consultant - monthly volume 163
  • Business transformation jobs - monthly volume 322
  • Grow coaching model - monthly volume 691
  • Online coaching business - monthly volume 291
  • How do I grow my online business coaching business - monthly volume 153
  • Business coaching blueprint
The following keyword search tools require a minimal payment to use and have been recommended by several review sites.


  • In our initial hour of research, we have used several well-known tools to develop appropriate keywords for the website provided. Wherever possible, we have also provided an indication of the monthly traffic using the keywords. Due to restrictions on the trial search tools, nmonthly volume statistics are not available for all of the keywords or phrases.
  • One of the difficulties with this research is most of the free trials for tools of this nature do not offer the full features. This means it is difficult to determine the actual traffic and volumes the keywords would generate. Restrictions on the number of searches available for free also meant that we spend a reasonable portion of the hour signing up for programs to test our keywords with.