Kitchen/Bathroom Remodeling Quotes


To find both positive and negative quotes from people who are stating their feelings about their home remodel.

Early Findings

Positive Quotes

  • “Above all, the feeling throughout this whole process has definitely been one of great excitement! The renovation is something we've been planning for a looooong time, so to see it come to fruition is just amazing. Every time we pop in to check on the house and see the progress being made, it is so exciting to imagine ourselves actually living in this new space.” — Jo Capicchiano
  • “I’ve vastly expanded my skillset and am proud of the things I can do! Those skills were gained during the process and that’s something I try to embrace when I’m feeling ready for it to be over.” — Sarah, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • "But the end result was terrific. What it's done for the way we live has been tremendous and I'd do it again in a heartbeat (provided I came along a pot of cash at the end of a rainbow someplace!)." — Rob Levesque

Negative Quotes

  • “Another feeling that has plagued my husband and I throughout this process is a feeling of guilt. We’ve spent a lot of time away from the kids working on the house. Pretty much every weekend since mid-April we’ve been painting, with either one of us at the house while the other has the kids, or both painting while kind family members look after them. While it’s fantastic to have so much family support during this time — I know some people do all of this on their own without any help from others — we can’t help but feel guilty about the amount of time we’re spending away from our babies.” — Jo Capicchiano
  • “In the midst of the dust and frustration that comes with renovating, it’s easy to forget why you started. I’m a detail oriented person, so thinking about the big picture is a big one for me! I can easily get lost in my thoughts and lonnnng to-do list. We have grand plans for our home, and it’s easy to get frustrated when I see all the things we haven’t done yet.” — Sarah, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • “We went from a dream to a plan to lots of demolition and dust to eating in our living room and just simply 'working through' the time when a good portion of our house was torn up and messy.” — Rob Levesque

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