Research Outline

Consulting Firms Workforce Plans


To learn what approach Bain, BCG, Kearney, FTI, Alvarez & Marsal and McKinsey are taking surrounding in-office vs. from home work coming out of the coronavirus pandemic, in order to learn the new normal for working in the office vs. home for consulting firms.

Early Findings

  • According to the WSJ, many companies across industries are considering permanently shifting to remote work in light of the coronavirus.
  • Linkedin Corporation executives are also saying remote work might become more widely accepted, according to emerging trends. The Linkedin network saw an increase in job searches including the word "remote", as well as increased remote job postings.
  • CEOs from various companies (primarily technology and financial companies) have announced their plans include expanding their remote workforce.
  • Several studies support theories that working from home is on the rise and proving to be profitable for comanies (since remote working boosts employee's productivity).
  • During the initial research, we couldn't find statements from any of the 6 consultancy companies that mention or focus on how their employees will continue to work going out of the pandemic. Furthermore, we could not succeed in identifying such plans from other companies in the consultancy industry (such as Accenture), or insights surrounding the future of work in the consultancy industry in general (specifically related to in-office vs. from home work).