Tools that Identify Purchase Intent


Identify the best tools or platforms to understand purchase intent through conversation analysis online. In other words, identify platforms that do linguistic analysis to understand what keywords showcase purchase intent.

Early Findings

Tools and Platform that Identify Purchase Intent

  • Infegy Atlas is a social listening tool that leverages natural language understanding and text analytics technology to analyze and measure the billions of online consumer voices and bring researchers understanding and context around those conversations.
  • Infegy determined that, in 2018, the social media platform with the most expressed purchase intent was Pinterest.
  • Sentione is a social listening tool that uses data to determine how brands are perceived online, identify potential customer needs, view opinions about competitors, discover emerging trends, and more.
  • SocialBakers is a social media listening tool that advertises its ability to uncover what drives purchase intent, as well as understand brand sentiment, gain insight on competitors, and more.
  • Bombora is a buyer intent data tool that monitors trends in content consumption to identify signals that correlate to increased intent.
  • MonkeyLearn is a tool that helps with intent classification.
  • Awario is an affordable tool for social media and web monitoring that can use predictive insights to find leads.
  • Brandwatch advertises itself as having the industry's largest archive of consumer opinions which it can use to monitor the consumer's journey and develop insights.

Proposed next steps:

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Through our initial hour of research, we uncovered 7 tools and platforms that use online social media and website data to identify purchase intent. We recommend continuing this research by identifying the following information for each of the tools: 1) a detailed description of its purchase intent service, 2) the price of the tool, 3) evidence that it is a market leader (awards, market share, revenue, other demonstration of its reputation). We would also identify 3-4 additional tools or platforms and provide the same information for those.
Alternatively, we could search for 3-4 case studies of marketing campaigns that used tools or platforms to understand purchase intent through conversation analysis online in order to successfully promote a brand. For each case study, we would describe the company conducting the marketing campaign, the tool used, how they executed the marketing campaign, and any metrics for the success of the campaign.
Other: You tell us how to proceed.