McDonald's Big Mac


To develop a potential brief by obtaining information about McDonald's Big Mac. Details required include, but are limited to, popularity, interesting facts, global consumption, and history.

Early Findings

  • The Big Mac is a hamburger which was created by Jim Delligatti. In 1967, this snack, which was first sold for 45 cents, debuted at Delligatti's restaurant in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.
  • In August 1968, this sandwich became available to consumers nationwide.
  • The Big Mac was known by two names previously: Aristocrat and Blue Ribbon Burger. Both of these names failed in the marketplace. Consumers found 'Aristocrat' difficult to pronounce and understand.
  • The Big Mac, which was the third name, was created by Esther Glickstein Rose. At the time she was a "21-year-old advertising secretary" working at McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois.
  • This hamburger contains 34 grams of fat and 540 calories.
  • It is "McDonald’s second-bestselling item of all time".
  • The world's most expensive Big Mac is sold in Switzerland for about $6.89.
  • As of 2018, McDonald's announced that the Big Mac hamburger had become "the company's most popular beef burger in China".
  • In 2016, CNN Money reported that "McDonald's sells 900 million Big Macs" globally every year. This burger is available in over 100 countries.

Proposed next steps:

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Our background search has provided several interesting facts about the Big Mac. We recommend further research to provide an additional 15-20 interesting facts about the snack. As much as possible we would focus on providing facts about the snack in various countries worldwide.
Also, we recommend further research to provide 4-5 major turning points or breakthrough moments for the Big Mac. Here, we would focus on events, discoveries, partnerships, or moments that were significant in the snack's success within and outside the United States.