McDonald's Big Mac


To develop a potential brief by obtaining information about McDonald's Big Mac. Details required include, but are limited to, popularity, interesting facts, global consumption, and history.

Early Findings

  • The Big Mac is a hamburger which was created by Jim Delligatti. In 1967, this snack, which was first sold for 45 cents, debuted at Delligatti's restaurant in Uniontown, Pennsylvania.
  • In August 1968, this sandwich became available to consumers nationwide.
  • The Big Mac was known by two names previously: Aristocrat and Blue Ribbon Burger. Both of these names failed in the marketplace. Consumers found 'Aristocrat' difficult to pronounce and understand.
  • The Big Mac, which was the third name, was created by Esther Glickstein Rose. At the time she was a "21-year-old advertising secretary" working at McDonald’s headquarters in Oak Brook, Illinois.
  • This hamburger contains 34 grams of fat and 540 calories.
  • It is "McDonald’s second-bestselling item of all time".
  • The world's most expensive Big Mac is sold in Switzerland for about $6.89.
  • As of 2018, McDonald's announced that the Big Mac hamburger had become "the company's most popular beef burger in China".
  • In 2016, CNN Money reported that "McDonald's sells 900 million Big Macs" globally every year. This burger is available in over 100 countries.

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