Research Outline

I would like to know about buttons to make factories smart such as Rebutton( I

Early Findings


Build a list of the buttons that are available for purchase by Seeed Studio and could be used in a factory setting. For each button, also provide the cost, features, size, and purpose in order to determine which ones would be best to introduce to a factory.


  • Initial search engine queries show that there are a variety of buttons offered by Seeed Studio.
  • Button names include but may not be limited to: Grove, Grove-Button, Grove-Button (P) - Input, Grove - LED Button, and more.
  • There are WikiHow & Seeed Studio installation pages for the Grove - Button product, as well as the Grove - LED Button product. There is also a WikiHow page for "Grove System" which can be used to manage Grove Buttons produced by Seeed Studio.
  • On Amazon, there are a number of products for sale from Seeed Studio including a Yellow LED Button, Blue LED Button, a Particle Internet Button, and Button(P).


While searching for the buttons that are manufactured and available for purchase by Seeed Studio, we continuously hit error pages online that said the following error message: "Service Temporarily Unavailable. The server is temporarily unavailable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later." However, we are able to see via online search engine queries, WikiHow pages, and a search for Seeed Studio products on Amazon that the information does indeed exist, and there are a number of different buttons available. As a result, we suggest moving forward with this project after the website has had a day to hopefully reset.

Once we can access the company website, we will provide the following data points for each button offered by Seeed Studio:
- Product Name
- Product Cost
- Product Features
- Product Size
- Any other relevant product information we find

(3 hours, $87)