Research Outline

VP of Marketing


To build a persona of the VP of Marketing at a small to mid sized company (at least $25 million in revenue) in the United States, specifically related to the e-commerce / retail / consumer goods industry.

Early Findings

While specific information about a VP of Marketing in a small or medium-sized company was not specifically available, we were able to find a few general statistics about a VP of Marketing in the US. However, information specific to VPs was scarce, as most of the data generalizes the majority of the higher-end position under marketing managers, which VPs are part of.
  • The median salary of a VP of Marketing is estimated to be $156,925 but we assume that a VP of marketing working at an SMB would most likely earn a lower income than that.
  • The majority of marketing vice-presidents hold a Bachelors' degree in Business but some of them also have a Masters' degree in Communication Technologies.
  • VPs of Marketing usually have experience in advertising, marketing, promotions, or sales.
  • The majority of marketing managers are male, at 52.6%, compared to 47.4% of female. However, the predominance of men might be more accentuated in the higher-level positions such as VPs as women only occupy 29% of executive- and senior-level managers positions.
  • The majority of marketing managers are white (76.4%), followed by African-American (12%), and Asian (6.04%).
  • The average age of a marketing manager is 42.2 years but considering that the majority of VPs need to have extensive experience at the lower-echelon levels, it is highly likely that their average age is higher.