Research Outline

Carwow's Competitive Landscape: UK


To analyze the competitive landscape of Carwow, a UK-based platform for buying new and used cars from franchised dealers, specifically focusing on Carwow 's competitors (in new car sales), including quantitative information such as
  • Revenue and profit information as available
  • The number of end users and participating car dealers
  • Each website's PV (page views) and UU (unique users)
  • The customer transfer rate to car dealers
  • Carwow's superiority and KSF (key success factor) in comparison to competitors
The competitive landscape information will help benchmark Carwow for a client.

Early Findings

Data Availability

Initial searches indicate that there is a wealth of information on Carwow competitors in new car sales in the UK. However, some more sensitive information such as profitability and revenue are not publicly available since most of these cars' sales platforms are privately held. In this regard, revenue information from business intelligence platforms like Zoominfo, Growjo, etc. will be used. Likewise, information specific to customer transfer rate to car dealers is also limited; however, we can substitute it with information regarding the key traffic sources for each website and referrals, (as available).

Carwow Competitors in New Car Sales in the UK


  • The first hour of research identified ten competitors of Carwow in new car sales in the UK. However, some information specific to customer transfer rate to dealers appears limited in the public domain. In this regard, such information can be substituted with information regarding the top traffic sources and referrals.
  • The findings will be represented in a Google Spreadsheet, with the corresponding factors for analysis. A link to the spreadsheet is provided here.
  • To complete the Carwow competitive landscape, we recommend continued research on each competitor, including Carwow and input the information in the attached spreadsheet under the corresponding rows and columns.
  • Details of our proposed next steps are provided below. Please choose one or many from the options from the proposals below.