Research Outline

Foreign Investors: US Stocks


To identify the number of investors of US stocks in the following countries: Italy, Spain, UK, Russia, Japan, China, Korea, France, and Germany.

Early Findings

  • A report by the US Treasury has published the following values of foreign investments in US equities held as of June, 2018.
- United Kingdom: 924 bilion
- Japan: 543 billion
- Germany: 239 billion
- China: 217 billion
- France: 166 billion
- Korea (South): 125 billion
- Italy: 33 billion
- Spain: 18 billion
- Russia: 468 million
  • CNBC states that according to Goldman Sachs, foreign investors will spend $50 billion in US stocks in 2020. Japanese and European investors outside the UK have been the biggest buyers in 2019, contributing $53 and $23 billion respectively.
  • Townhall Finance has reported that $8.1 trillion, which is equivalent to 35% of the $23.0 trillion market capitalization of the S&P 500, is owned by foreign investors.