Gen Z Thailand


Provide a psychographic profile for Gen Z in Thailand, with information on their relationships, aspirations and ambitions, attitudes towards digital tech and social media, attitudes towards the environment and social issues, choice of brands and products, leisure and identity.

Early Findings



  • 69% of Gen Zers in Thailand aspire to be entrepreneurs and "want to start their own company mostly to help solve world problems."
  • Gen Z members in Thailand are concerned with financial success more so than Gen Zers in Western countries.

Attitudes Towards Digital Tech and Social Media

  • The younger generations in Thailand are influenced by social media and therefore appearance conscious, which drives their spending on gyms, cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery and trending products.
  • Gen Z in Thailand has grown up as "digital natives". The vast majority have mobile phones.

Attitude Towards Environment and Social Issues

Choice of Brands/Products

  • In Thailand, the younger generations are interested in living a healthy lifestyle, which drives their use of supplements and their choice of healthy food options.

Leisure Activities

  • Gaming is a popular leisure activity in Thailand for Gen Z members, with 62% of Gen Zers in Thailand stating that they are "into" gaming.


  • Gen Z in Thailand is "more embracing, more pragmatic, more optimistic, more truth seeking, more giving, more private."

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