Customer Journey: Planning a Summer Vacation


To obtain information about the consumer journey for someone who is planning a summer vacation including data for popular research avenues to be used in a marketing strategy for an agency and tourist-destination clients.

Early Findings

  • Traveling is considered an investment to customers which is why they do research and worry if they believe they haven't found the best solutions. Some may even make last-minute changes to their plans.
  • Many travelers continue to search for travel inspirations even after a booking is made.
  • Researchers have come up with four micro-moments in the customers' travel experience which are: "I Want To Get Away", "Time To Make a Plan", "Let’s Book It" and "Can’t Wait To Explore".
  • Mobile devices including smartphones are often used in the customer journey for planning vacations.
  • According to the US Family Travel Survey, found that 22% of the consumers wanted to travel in winter 2019 and they also wanted to travel in summer 2019.
  • 50% of the respondents opted to do their own research online and 43% of them enjoy the planning process.
  • The consumers found inspiration for travel mostly from their children (57%), friends (47%), and other family members (43%).
  • Other research avenues used when planning for summer or winter vacations include Search engines (e.g. Google and Bing) (34%), Facebook (31%), TV shows (31%), and Travel websites (e.g. TripAdvisor and Expedia).

Research proposal:

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