Kohler Social Purpose


To determine the social purpose areas that Kohler can own by finding out the brands/companies that own the different areas of interest (safe water for all, renewability, social impact, sustainability) and determining a sharper area that Kohler can own (where sustainability is a broader area).

Early Findings

  • A number of brands/companies, as members of Plumbing Manufacturers International, advocate for safe, water-efficient products. The brands/companies include Speakman, Symmons, Moen, among others.
  • Not many of the plumbing manufacturers are found having a social purpose, however, some plumbing services, e.g. Athens Plumbing and Midwest Plumbing were found to be concerned about social issues.
  • Moen has developed an investment strategy through which they support social causes and non-profit organizations.
  • Corporate Sustainability has 3 pillars (environmental, social, and economic), which Kohler can consider as an area that they can own. These pillars are still not too sharp and further analysis can go into what matches with Kohler's philosophy to land on a sharper sustainability area.
  • When it comes to domestic plumbing (Kohler's focus area), sustainability has to do with water and energy conservation.

Proposed next steps:

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