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Komodo Dragons


To gather information about Komodo dragons in order to get up to date.

Early Findings

Eating Habits

Environment Variables Considered

  • At the National Zoo, keepers prioritize "temperature, humidity, a deep substrate for nesting, and water."


  • In captivity, male Komodos live approximately 25 years, while females live around 8.9 years. In the wild, they live approximately 50 years.

Interesting Facts

  • In a study conducted in 2016, researchers found that Komodo dragons in captivity "significantly share bacteria with their environments."
  • At zoos, Komodo dragons are usually "housed alone" and on rare occasions are transported to new environments or brought together to mate. Researchers have found that adults "don’t live well together."
  • Komodos that live in the wild have around 46% more bacterial diversity than their captive counterparts.
  • In captivity, Komodos "respond very well to training" as they are very intelligent animals.

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