Research Outline

Kontist TAM - Germany


To clarify the population of freelance and entrepreneur workers in Germany, to assist in clarifying the total market value of potential Kontist clients.

Early Findings


  • In 2019, Germany had more than 1.4 million persons who were freelancers.
  • Self-employed professions included doctors, lawyers, cultural occupations, tax professionals, and other professions in which the person is sole owner.
  • Germany's population of employed persons in 2019 was 41.99 million, meaning the percentage of freelance persons, Freier Beruf, in Germany was 3.33% in 2019.
  • The 10.15% self-employment rate in Germany was provided by the World Bank. World Bank uses entrepreneur and self-employed interchangeably.

Eingetragener Kaufmann

  • Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) make up 63.2% of Germany's employment.
  • In 2017, Germany had 2.45 million SME companies.
  • The estimated value added to Germany's economy by small businesses in 2017 was €309.9 billion.
  • Small businesses accounted for 18.4% of total economic value in German enterprise in 2017. Total SMEs accounted for 54% of the economic value in 2017.

Summary of Early Findings

The hour of research produced information on freelancers, entrepreneurs, and SME populations in Germany. Information specific to gender was not located. Estimated value for the German economy from small businesses was located, but no statistics regarding economic value were located for self-employment/entrepreneurship or freelance employment.