Research Outline

Kraft Paper Bag Variations


To inform product development by identifying the weight that a Kraft paper bag can hold depending on its size and strength, a list of other parameters that establish how much weight the bag can hold, how the bag handle influences the weight that it can carry, if the shape of the bag influences the weight it can carry, and brown paper descriptions. Brown paper descriptions would include the different types of brown paper, how the quality is defined, how they vary, and whether the paper color (white or brown) impacts its strength and durability.

Early Findings

Strength of Kraft Paper Bags

Holding Capacity

  • The paper basis weight of the bag describes the thickness of the paper used to manufacture the paper bag. The basis weight of a standard grocery bag holds between 30-49 pounds of weight (standard-duty). However, since the bag sizes vary, they can typically hold between 2-75 pounds of weight.
  • Bags with a basis weight that can hold over 50 pounds are classified as heavy-duty paper bags.
  • The dimensions of a standard brown paper lunch bag are 5-1/8 inches x 3-1/8 inches x 10-5/8 inches in the order of length, width, and height, respectively. Those of the typical brown paper grocery bag includes 12 inches width x 7 inches x 17 inches in the order of width, depth, and height, respectively. This bag can hold approximately 75 pounds in weight.

Paper Bag Types

  • Typical paper bag categories include lunch bags, grocery bags, beer, liquor, and wine bags, baguette bread bags, produce bags, recloseable tin tie coffee bags, and merchandise bags.
  • A table containing the different dimensions and weight capacity of each product category can be obtained here.