Kurt Baumberger


To understand Kurt Baumberger's approach to a creative endeavor.

Early Findings

  • Baumberger's approach says that innovation can be accomplished in 90 days using a certain framework. Their approach is three-fold: hold a workshop to build a prototype, work with a coach over the next 90 days to develop the idea, then create the perfect pitch deck.
  • His approach to pitching is the 'devil's advocate' approach, as in, one should know what the other party is going to say against the idea.
  • He says that companies (and individuals) need to stop talking and start building, meaning that action is what gets the best results.
  • The Innovation 90 approach posits that companies need two exact elements to succeed in innovation: events (like bootcamps or workshops) and process. Process is where his brand, Innovation 90, comes in, providing coaching support and accountability to take the idea from prototype to pitch in 90 days.
  • The full framework of his approach is available about halfway down this webpage.
  • He also describes eight important "ingredients" to successful innovation: focus on human needs, listen deeply, show don't tell, simplify your vision, diversity matters, build only what you need, experiment and iterate and go for great.
  • His podcasts give a more detailed breakdown of his ideas and approaches. However, no transcript is available to easily access this information quickly.
  • He also has a book, Innovation Navigation, that details how people or organizations can change their approach to efficient and quick innovation.

Proposed next steps:

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