Research Outline

Landing Page Best Practices


To identify 2-3 additional best practices in landing page content and/or design and examples of brands/companies that are implementing each best practice.

Early Findings

  • Following the one-to-one attention ratio: one landing page for every one conversion goal whether it is a service, a product, even a campaign message. Landing pages need to have a single focus. Ideally, there should only be one button to click that serves one purpose. Customers expecting to gather information on one topic or get access to one offer who find themselves suddenly back on the company home page or inundated with multiple offers on a single, cluttered, and potentially difficult or confusing to navigate landing page may get confused and leave without interacting with the page at all.
  • There are numerous examples of companies following the one-to-one ratio including Shopify (on their main landing page), Unsettle, and Salesforce.
  • Multiple landing pages: Having multiple landing pages the same service, product or conversion can benefit companies in a variety of ways including increased SEO benefits, greater variety, and more targeting opportunities. Having multiple landing pages means that there is a greater chance of one of your landing pages coming up as a result of a web search, leading to greater exposure and building your SEO strength. Creating multiple landing pages can lead to a greater variety of offers presented to customers and potential customers and lead to more conversions. Finally, targeted landing pages cater to the different expectations that different consumer groups have and to the different ways they respond to specific design elements and wording. Creating targeted landing pages that focus on specific consumer groups, buyer personas, or selling points can increase traffic and participation with a landing page. A great landing page design starts with identifying target audiences and creating messages tailored specifically to them. Each product sold or service offered can be featured on a general landing page or one that is segmented so that it targets a specific customer.
  • Any company that offers more than one product, service, or conversion that features those on different pages has multiple landing pages. Multiple landing pages can range from five or 10 to practically limitless. Examples of brands with multiple landing pages are online retailers like Amazon, Hubspot, and Barnes & Noble.