Research Outline

US Room Booking Software Products


To provide a competitive landscape of the top four easy-to-use room booking software products in the US. We will provide their costs, user interface ease of use, reliability, and screenshots of their user interfaces.

Early Findings

The initial round of research indicates that there is some information available on this topic in the public domain. However, there is no pre-compiled listing of who the top players are in the space. For the purpose of the research, we have defined "top" based on reviews and ratings.



  • We were unable to find any pre-compiled document with a list of the top room booking software products in the US. However, we were able to find review sources with a list of room booking platforms such as G2, Trust Radius, Capterra, and Source Forge.
  • To select the top products, we singled out the room booking software products with the top review and ratings based on usage.
  • Next, we checked the features of each product to ensure their ease of use and reliability.
  • We have also created a slide for inputting screenshots of each product's user interface.