Research Outline

Langham Hotel Buffet Options


To obtain an overview of the restaurant, key experiences, price points, menu items, 3 positive reviews, and 3 negative reviews for Melba Restaurant, The Food Gallery, and Eight Restaurant.

Early Findings

Melba Restaurant


  • Melba showcases Victoria’s local produce, beef, fish and fruit in an open kitchen concept which allows guests to interact with the chefs.
  • The restaurant offers a wide variety of local and international cuisine including an Asian wok and dumpling section, a Indian Tandoori oven and spice kitchen, a rotisserie, a chilled seafood and sushi station, and a char grill.
  • Guests can enjoy high tea in the afternoon with special themed tea events for children. Themes include Peppa Pig and Prince and Princess teas.
  • The restaurant offers a variety of monthly specials and holiday events througout the year.


  • The breakfast buffet costs $49 per person on weekdays and $59 per person on the weekends.
  • The lunch buffet is $75 per person on weekdays, $99 per person on Saturday, and $105.90 per person on Sunday.
  • The dinner buffet is $99.90 per person Monday-Thursday, $105 per person on Friday, $118 and $125 per person on Saturday, and $108 per person on Sunday.
  • Children's buffet prices for all buffets are 1/2 adult prices.


  • The breakfast buffet consists of seasonal fruit, cereals, freshly squeezed juices, yogurts, pastries, and hots items such as eggs, sausages, beans and pancakes. The breakfast buffet also includes an Asian breakfast as well as an ice cream and chocolate fountain. .
  • The lunch buffet includes fresh seasonal produce, Indian cuisine, chilled seafood, antipasto, dumplings, grass fed sirloin, and a variety of desserts and cheeses.
  • The dinner buffet includes Chinese cuisine, fresh local vegetables, grass fed sirloin, lamb, fresh fish from the Victorian coast, Sushi and Shashimi, antipasto, pasta, and a variety of desserts and cheeses.


  • The restaurant has received 4 out of 5 stars on Trip Advisor with 1,257 reviews.

Positive Reviews

  • 5 star review: "All our family from 10 to 86 year old enjoyed it. The room is open and spacious with a great view over the treetops to the city beyond and the staff were always helpful and available. Can't go wrong."
  • 5 star review: "From the flat whites to the chocolate fountain, this restaurant has it all. Pancakes, freshly cooked omelettes, eggs and a vast array of everything from real honeycomb to smoked salmon a big thumbs up to the buffet breakfast at The Langham Hotel Melbourne."
  • 5 star review: "The buffet has a huge variety of food, both hot and cold. Fresh squeezed orange juice, made-to-order omelettes, etc. They even have a chocolate fountain and ice cream, if that's your breakfast thing. Staff are also very friendly and the view of the river is great."

Negative Reviews

  • 1 star review: "Food was not enjoyable. Tempura prawns had a thick batter and were cold and rubbery, pork belly was so salty it was inedible and roasts we had to wait for someone to slice. Deserts are ordinary and boring and almost all had nuts. My partner was left with ice cream and creme brûlée’."
  • 2 star review: "The Japanese food was beautiful but the road dinner was poor - lamb was not tender, roasted vegetables were cold and nothing green like broccoli was offered. No sign of or choice of bread - we asked and there was a small bowl of small round rolls under a white napkin. Only one gluten free dessert was offered. We shall not return. We really are disappointed."
  • 3 star review: "Food was OK, great fresh prawns, but everything else was so so, im afraid, Shame, as for $109 there are SO many other good restaurants in Southbank. Service was excellent, staff attentive and quick."