Research Outline

Langham Hotel Buffet Options


To receive an overview of Kitchen on Kent, Melba Restaurant, The Food Gallery, and Eight Restaurant, including general concepts, key experiences, price points, what guests are saying about them, guest profiles of those visiting these venues, capture rates for hotel guests at these venues, and key takeaways from their profits and loss.

Early Findings

During our preliminary research, we were able to provide an overview of Kitchens on Kent, including their experiences, pricing, menu items, positive reviews, and negative reviews. Below is an overview of our early findings.

Kitchens on Kent



  • Their breakfast buffet costs $45 per person Monday-Sunday.
  • Their brunch buffet is only available Saturday and Sunday and costs guests $98 per person.
  • The lunch buffet ranges in price, Monday-Friday the buffet costs $68 per person.
  • On Saturday and Sunday the buffet costs $98 per person.
  • On Monday and Friday, the dinner buffet costs $118 per person, Tuesday-Thursday it costs $98 per person, and Saturday and Sunday it costs $108 per person.
  • For all buffets, children aged 4 or under receive a complimentary buffet and children aged 4 – 12 years can eat at the buffet for $25 per child.
  • The cost of afternoon tea is roughly $70 per person, depending on the menu.



  • The restaurant has been rated 4.5/5 stars on Google reviews.

Positive Reviews

  • 4-star review: "Really good food and place to eat. Presentation is really pretty and nice. Two hour dining for the buffet dinner. Has hot food on one side and seafood on the other with a dessert table off to the side. Ask the chef for a plate of pasta or noodles and they'll make it. Nice staff."
  • 5-star review: "Beautiful food experience, perfect service and attention to detail staff. The food was so fresh and tasty, beautiful buffet. An absolute pleasure that I recommend !! One of the best restaurant and hotel in Sydney but for sure the best service !!"
  • 5-star review: "Great food, great selection, staff were tentative until the place got busy, then everyone wanted something, so the service was slower. Instead of giving everyone a cup of tea, should probably give them a pot of tea so you don't have to go and serve a person every time their cup runs out."

Negative Reviews

  • 2-star review: "The fruit(rock melon)was not handled properly, so it tastes off, went sour. We told to the staff and they didn’t say anything."
  • 3-star review: "Overall the food is good. The ink squid pasta is hard which is not as advertised.
  • Service is average. No wet towels until we asked. Waited for long time for the cooked lobster and tea/coffee. The queue for food is a bit confused esp on the Peking Duck and Pasta corner."
  • 3-star review: "The service was brilliant, the food was delicious, but the cost of the admission there was a bit pricey. I enjoyed the snack bar immensely, it had amazing food. There was a great variety of foods there. the sushi and seafood was amazing but other things like the peking duck was not as fresh even though they made the food right in front of you."