Research Outline

Langham Hotel Buffet Options


To gain an understanding of the typical guests who visit each of the following Langham Hotel Buffet options: Kitchen on Kent (Sydney), Melba Restaurant (Melbourne), The Food Gallery (Hong Kong), and Eight Restaurant (Aukland) by creating a psychographic profile of their general habits, values, lifestyles, attitudes, spending habits, and media consumption habits.

Early Findings

  • Guests dine at Kitchen on Kent for a variety of reasons including afternoon tea, dinner, birthday dinners, family gatherings, and baby showers.
  • Reviews of the restaurant on Trip Advisor range from one star to five stars.
  • Customers dining at Kitchens on Kent are a mix of guests staying at the Langham Hotel and people living within driving distance of the restaurant.
  • Kitchen on Kent is described as a gourmet buffet. Reservations are preferred, and even though it is a buffet, plates can be ordered and brought to tables by servers.
  • Guests at Kitchen on Kent want a buffet-style meal, but featuring higher-quality foods and a larger, more-upscale selections of drink options in a more luxurious setting.
  • Guests at Kitchen on Kent are or desire to be, more adventurous in their dining. The dining stations at Kitchen on Kent, each featuring dishes from a different region of the world including Indian, Asian, Italian, and Japanese are designed to provide this sense of dining adventure.
  • Guests at Kitchens on Kent demonstrate positive spending habits as they choose to dine there, in part, because of the great food and large portions for the price,

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