Langham Hotel Buffet Options


To obtain an overview of the Profit & Loss (P&L) statements for Kitchen on Kent.

Early Findings

In our previous research, we were able to provide an overview of Kitchens on Kent. In this section we have extracted highlights from their Profit & Loss (P&L) statement.
  • Overall the restaurant came in $103,266 AUD under budget this month.
  • The restaurant revenue saw a collective decrease of 13% this month.
  • Gross Food Revenue reported at $3,022 under budget. (- 0.5%)
  • Gross Beverage Revenue reported at $110,803 under budget. (- 62.9%)
  • Net F&B Revenue reported at $113,825 under budget. (- 14.3%)
  • Notable changes within the Gross Food Revenue category include a 6% increase during dinner, along with a 4.1% decrease during lunch.
  • Notable changes within the Gross Beverage Revenue category include an 11% decrease in beverages during dinner, along with a 2.5% decrease in beverages during lunch.
  • Total Cost of Sales decreased 4.9%.
  • The cost of food sales saw the greatest change at a 4.4% increase
  • The cost of beverages had a slight 0.4% decrease.
  • Total Payroll and Related Expenses reported over budget by 11.5%.
  • The greatest change was in salaries and wages, an 11.9% increase.
  • Other increases include 0.6% in contracted employment labor and 7.9% in employee benefits.
  • Key Statistics showed an overall decrease in the number of customers, with dinner losing the most at about 926.

Largest YOY Changes

Key Statistics, Lunch: 14818.8%
Gross Food Revenue, Lunch: 32,617.%
Gross Beverage Revenue, Lunch: 53,545.2%
Cost of Sales, Beverage: 9410.6%
Salaries and Wages: 262.1%
Employee Benefits: 120%
Cleaning Supplies: 229.3%
Decoration: 2224.9%
Entertainment: 1503.6%
Operating Supplies: 429.4%
Paper & Plastic Supplies 272.7%
Printing & Stationery: 601.1%

Proposed next steps:

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We propose further research on the P&Ls of Melba Restaurant, The Food Gallery, and Eight Restaurant so that numbers can be compared across all four mentioned restaurants to determine where the greatest differences are in regards to food, beverage, and other expenses.
Since research has focused primarily on the Langham Hotel buffet restaurants in Australia, we propose further research to identify six additional Langham Hotel buffet restaurants, specifically two in Asia, two in Europe, and two in North America. We also suggest that the research focuses only on the lunch hour, based on the findings in this P&L. For each buffet restaurant, we will provide an overview of the restaurant, key experiences, price points, menu items, 3 positive reviews, and 3 negative reviews.