Langham Hotel Buffet Options


To analyze four different buffets, namely Kitchen on Kent, Melba Restaurant, the Eight Restaurant, and the Food Gallery, and their different concepts in order to determine whether any of them would be a good fit for the opening of a new restaurant.

Early Findings

Kitchen on Kent

  • Kitchen on Kent is a luxury-style buffet that aims to introduce an elegant live multi station dining concept that will allow costumers to enjoy and observe the preparation of every meal.
  • The restaurants features a pizza station, fresh pasta, a hot station, a carvery, cheese and breads, and a dessert station
  • The price starts at $45 and goes up to $98 per person for weekend dinners. When compared to the other restaurants, Kitchen on Kent seems to be the least expensive one.
  • Their target audience mainly included hotel guests and buffet lovers, with a specific focus on the Chinese demographic.
  • Since Kitchen on Kent opened recently, on August 25, 2019, there are still not a lot of reviews for the restaurant.
  • However, people still seem to enjoy the restaurant, based on the few reviews it features.
  • The restaurant is rated 4/5 on Tripadvisor with 27 reviews, 3.9/5 on Zomato after 21 reviews, and 4.3/5 on Open Table after 109 reviews.
  • Most of the positive comments are directed at the ambiance, the food, and the service, with people saying things like "seafood was lovely and fresh", "the seafood, especially the lobsters, were sensational", "loved the fresh made-to-order sushi".
  • The restaurant was also well-received by food critics, with many being pleasantly surprised by the quality and ambiance of the restaurant.
  • However, many people were also saying that the value to price was not worth it, with comments such as "not worth this price" and "not really worth the penny", "a bit pricey."
  • There were also a lot of negative comments about the hot section, with customers mainly expressing their disappointment about the limited selection of dishes.
  • While the restaurant is still relatively new, they were still able to make about AUD 2.6 million in revenue but they still struggled to make the first several months profitable, closing the year at a AUD 576,414 loss.
  • The biggest difference between their predictions and the end-of-year reports seemed to come from the sales of drinks, where the difference was more than AUD 500,000.
  • The restaurant seemed to be very popular during breakfast, most likely due to the lower prices, and least popular during lunches.
  • Overall, we believe that while Kitchen on Kent has come up with a great idea, which is also supported by the positive reviews, it still holds risk, as seen from their financial data.

Proposed next steps:

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For this project, we focused specifically on Kitchen on Kent. We found that the restaurant is popular with both customers and food critics but still has some issues such as the value for price conversion and their hot food station. Their financials also showed that the restaurant is still not popular enough to generate a profit, which only affirms our conclusion that there is still some risk associated with the idea. As such, we propose to continue our analysis on the ther three restaurants on the list (Melba Restaurant, the Eight Restaurant, and the Food Gallery). For each restaurant, we will provide a brief overview of their concept, the different experiences it offers, the pricing, the consumer perception (including 2-3 positive and 2-3 negative comments), an analysis of each restaurant's financials, and an overview of the restaurant's target audience.
We also propose finding 2-3 case studies of successful innovative luxury buffets around the world. For each we will provide an overview of their innovative concept, the experiences each offers, their pricing, the consumer perception, and success metrics.