Laredo Psychographics


To understand the psychographics of Laredo locals and U.S. citizens moving to Texas from California in order to help create target personas.

Early Findings

  • Our preliminary search didn't reveal any relevant data on the interests, behaviors, attitude, and other psychographic traits specifically for U.S. citizens moving from Los Angeles traveling to Texas, nor for the average Laredo local.
  • In addition to this public search, we scanned our proprietary research database of over 1 million sources and were unable to find any specific reports relevant to this project.
  • We expanded our search to the state in general, starting with Texas. We found that the people of Texas can be broadly divided into Urban tech-savvy individuals, Suburban Families, and Older Urban.
  • The urban tech-savvy group make up the largest residential segment and are made up of people with no kid who are very net savvy and have high social media usage rate. They love educational content and are athletic and love outdoor activities, live entertainment, and the latest technologies.
  • They love outdoor recreational activities and regularly visit museums, parks, concerts, and movies.
  • The Suburban Family group is made up of married people who love their children, spouse, and are active in their lives and careers. They are also experts at using the internet and love to jog and eat healthy food.
  • The group also invests heavily in Disney products for their children.
  • Older Urban Texans are more low-key and have a home-centered lifestyle. They enjoy simple pleasures such as gardening, sewing, and woodworking.
  • They also regularly listen to the news and news talk shows.
  • One of the main non-economic reason people moving to Texas from California cite is the outdoor-friendly lifestyle. This suggests that people moving to Texas from California love outdoor activities.

Research proposal:

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