Laredo, Texas Competitors


Provide a review of competitive destinations to Laredo, Texas. Competitors should be those with similar offerings or those that may draw visitors away from Laredo. Then for each competitor, determine Visitor Perceptions, Potential Visitors, Special Attractions, and Online/Digital Marketing Tactics.

Early Findings

  • The research began by attempting to identify a pre-compiled list of cities similar to Laredo, TX as vacation destinations. However, this was unsuccessful. Therefore, the research team identified the top reasons for visiting Laredo and the top attractions. From there, we attempted to find similar cities.

Laredo, Texas

  • Top tourist attractions in Laredo, TX include shopping at the Mall del Norte, visiting state parks and beaches, visiting museums like the Imaginarium and TAMIU Planetarium, and visiting historic sites like the Republic of the Rio Grande Museum and the San Augustin Plaza.
  • People visit Laredo for its unique architecture, history, and arts. Additionally, people are attracted by its ample shopping opportunities. Laredo also has a vibrant golf scene.

San Antonio

  • San Antonio is known for its unique history that combines American and Mexican culture, impressive golf courses, art galleries and theaters, parks, and shopping.


  • Corsicana is known for its unique architecture, history, state-of-the-art planetarium, lakes, and arts.

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