Browser Extension Ecosystem


Determine the size of the browser extension ecosystem for Chrome and Firefox on desktop and mobile, specifically Android. Breakdown the ecosystem by geographic location, and focus particularly on the US, Canada, Germany, and France. Additionally, identify the size of the marketplace of extensions that include paid tiers, how many are companies instead of independent developers, and how many payment platforms extensions with paid tiers using. Breakdown each of these categories by mobile versus desktop. This research will inform a market size opportunity report.

Early Findings

Chrome Unpaid Extensions

  • There are 188,620 extensions available on the Chrome Web Store, but 50% of all Chrome extensions have fewer than 16 installs.
  • Only 13 extensions have 10 million users; those are Google Translate, Adobe Acrobat, Tampermonkey, Avast Online Security, Adblock Plus, Adblock, uBlock Origin, Pinterest Save Button, Cisco Webex, Grammarly for Chrome, Skype, Avast SafePrice, and Honey.
  • Some popular extensions built by independent developers include Quick Code, Weather Extension, Year Progress, Teeny Breaks, and Mute Intercom.

Chrome Paid Extensions

  • Paid extensions account for 8.9% of all Chrome extensions and 2.6% of all installs.
  • Approximately 35% of paid extensions have no users, and the top 5 paid extensions make up 48.5% of all paid extension installs.
  • The top paid extension is IE Tab, which has 4.1 million installs. The remaining extensions in the top five are Lucidchart Diagrams, anonymoX, Gantter Project Management, and Polarr Photo Editor.
  • IE Tab is also available on Firefox versions older than Firefox 6.0. It is owned by Blackfish Software LLC.
  • Lucidchart Diagrams is owned by Lucid Software Inc. It accepts payment through credit card or PayPal.

FireFox Unpaid Extensions

  • Some of the most popular extensions on FireFox are AdBlock Plus, Ghostery, uBlock Origin, GreaseMonkey, Lightshot, uMatrix, DarkReader, Clippings, Grammarly, and Video Speed Controller.

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