How do large event planners (planning teams) organize and plan events? Not weddings, but large expos or corporate events. I'm in


To determine details about how large corporate event planners(whose attendees are at least 1000) organize and plan events including what tools they mostly use(example excel, google sheets, specific software, etc) to select venues, plan the layout, organize vendors, and set up the final event. Additionally, determine case studies, best practices, big players in the market, and time spent to find these venues. The preferred location is California, US. This information will be used to understand the planning process that can be utilized in a meeting with Splash, a company in the workflow management space.

Early Findings

As we dove into the background research of this topic, we encountered that a significant amount of information is available in the public domain regarding best practices, case studies, and major players in corporate event planning in California. During our initial research, we realized that tools that are mostly used by large corporate event planners are software because of their large number of features, and compatibility. However, information regarding the time spent on planning corporate events doesn't seem to be available in the public domain. Below is provided a summary of our findings:

  • Some of the software that are mostly used by corporate event planners include Cvent, Event Pro, and others. These software have received the highest ratings by corporate event planners.
  • Cvent: In addition to providing basic event management features including registrations, sourcing venues, and others, Cvent also provides several features for conferences, including room-block management, travel management, and sponsorship management.
  • Some of the top corporate event planners in California include Entire Productions, Event Solutions, Anna Marie Events, Kennedy Event, and Jay Siegan Presents.


  • Setting up the goals before the execution of any corporate event management is a must to get success. This includes targeting a group of audience for the event, measuring the performance of the goals using event a relevant KPI, and others.
  • Managing contact databases is another important practice needed to make a corporate event planning successfull. This step includes organizing the target audience for the event.

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