Live Events in Stamford, CT for LGBTQ, Black, Hispanic, or Women


To obtain a list of live events in Stamford, CT that attracted large groups of LGBTQ, Black, Hispanic, or female attendees (1,000+) along with the sponsors and entertainment for each for the purposes of identifying sponsors of diverse and inclusive events in this city.

Early Findings

Preliminary research identified two events that attracted large groups of LGBTQ and Hispanic attendees in or around Stamford, CT in 2019.



  • The Puerto Rican Parade of Fairfield County is an annual event that occurs in Fairfield County, which is where Stamford, CT is located.
  • In 2019, it was held on July 14.
  • Although the event is a "culmination of annual events in which over 75,000 people from the New England and Tri-State areas participate and attend to celebrate together as one," its main audience is Puerto Ricans and is designed to celebrate the Hispanic culture in Fairfield County, CT.
  • Sponsors of the 2019 event included the following:
  • Entertainment at the 2018 and 2019 events included the following:
    • More than 2,000 people march in the largest parade in the area, including "honorees and delegates, local school groups, school bands, and cultural groups, universities, public health organizations, community agencies, and the senior community from different countries showcasing their Puerto Rican pride."
    • Live musical performances in 2019 included "the Grammy-winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra and Joe Diaz and Los Bohemios."
    • In 2018, the event's headliner was Don Perigñon y la Puertorriqueña, a "14-member ensemble from Puerto Rico."
    • The Latin Heartbeat Orchestra also performed in the park following the parade, along with the group Afinké.

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