Research Outline

Largest Factories in Switzerland by Employees


To compile a list of the largest factories/companies with their factories in Switzerland by number of workers. The research will be used to find potential prospects for a worker safety technology product.

Early Findings

  • The largest employers in Switzerland based on their employees are Migros with 89,671 employees and Coop with 89,579 employees.
  • An extensive review of industry sources, some of which can be found here, here, and here, indicates that a precompiled list of the largest factories in Switzerland or companies with the highest number of factory workers in Switzerland is not available.
  • Hence, we approached the research by finding the largest manufacturing companies and chemical manufacturing companies (including pharma companies) in Switzerland by employees using Glassdoor. While Glassdoor provides their global employees, it provided us the names of the companies to begin with.
  • Our next step was to find out the number of employees and the number of factories or manufacturing/production facilities of each of these companies in Switzerland.
  • Using this method, we were able to cover 4 companies.
  • We have also provided this information in the shared spreadsheet.