Research Proposal

Largest Private Individual Collectors of Waterfowl


To find the largest individual collectors of living waterfowl, including a background and any contact information.

Early Findings

Throughout our research, we were not able to find any information about individual collectors that collect waterfowls, except for Michael Steinhardt or Chris Onthink. We tried looking through media articles about any relation between millionaires and billionaires and the collection of waterfowls but information was scarce on the subject. We also tried finding whether some of the highest earning and most influential people in the US had expressed any specific interest in the preservation or collection of waterfowls, but that research path was just as fruitless.


  • While we were unable to find specific people that collect waterfowls, we did find a private company called Haigh Waterfowl that collects ornamental waterfowl in the North West.
  • The private collector raises over 40 wild species of "whistling, perching, dabbling, diving and sea ducks, and geese and black swans."
  • Unfortunately, we were unable to find who this private collection was owned by.
  • We did, however, find several avid hunters of waterfowls, including the current Chief Scientist of Ducks Unlimited, Scott Yaich, who has been an avid hunter of waterfowls his entire life.
  • GK Young, a former professional baseball player for the Padres, is another avid hunter of waterfowl. He like to travel during the waterfowl season and hunt in Washington state.
  • Other celebrities, like Madonna and Miranda Lambert, have also claimed to be avid waterfowl hunters, mainly practicing hunting on their own private estates.
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