Research Outline

Restaurant Groups in the U.S.


To identify the largest restaurant groups in the United States. For reach restaurant group, the following should be provided: contact information for the chief executives, decision makers, and heads of marketing. Additionally, each company's market share should be provided both at the national and regional level. If there is any information about how their annual revenue breaks down in terms of online/carryout vs. dine-in that information should be included. If there is any information about their customer count, that should also be included.

Early Findings

Restaurant Industry Market Sizing

Biggest Restaurant Groups in the U.S.

  • McDonald's
  • Starbucks
  • Yum! Brands
  • Restaurant Brands International
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill
  • Darden Restaurants


Results of Early Findings

  • The biggest restaurnats were identified using a market report.
  • A national market size is available and has been provided, which is needed to calculate the national market shares.
  • Most of the requested information should be available for the identified restaurants.
  • Contact information was collected via Not all the emails provided by are verified. Any emails added to the section for McDonald's that have been verified have been given a **.
  • Dine-in vs. online/carryout revenue breakdowns may not be available for each restuarant. McDonald's didn't report this information in their annual report, however, the data was found available from a third party. McDonald's did not report their U.S. customer count in their annual report. Only a percentage of increase/decrease by year is reported. No third party sources were found to be giving hard data on this count either.
  • Attempting to provide market shares by region proves challenging as it appears not all restuarants will report this information in their annual report, as McDonald's doesn't. Instead, this information would have to be triangulated by locating the number of McDonald's restaurants for each state and calculating an estimate using the average revenue of a single McDonald's (which is about $2.7 million a year). The number of McDonald's by state is available here and here.