Larry Schwartz & Leonard Asper Profiles


To understand the profiles of Larry Schwartz and Leonard Asper concerning their companies, including Anthems Sports Entertainment and Sygnus Group, to determine the areas of focus in an upcoming meeting.

Early Findings

Anthems Sports Entertainment

  • Anthems Sports Entertainment is a media platform founded in 2011 by Leonard Asper that builds entertainment brands targeting specific communities of interest such as the “natural endemic and mainstream advertiser base” through multi-platform and global presence capabilities.
  • The company’s current portfolio of brands are as follows :
  • Fight Network, a combat sports specialty network that airs on various digital platforms including television, with over 3M subscribers in 32 countries.
  • Impact Wrestling, a wrestling entertainment brand that airs on various digital platforms including television, and creates more than 200 hours of original content annually.
  • Pursuit Channel, that focuses on outdoor hunting and fishing and has 38M subscribers in the U.S.
  • GameTV, that focuses on fun and other entertaining programs.
  • Game+, that focuses on gaming news and information for fantasy sports, including, action-adventure driven shows, e-sports, sports wagering, and high stakes poker.
  • AXS TV, that majors in music, lifestyle, and entertainment sports, available in more than 50M homes in the US.
  • HDNet Movies that features theatrically released films and documentaries including iconic classics and award winners spanning the 1950s to 2000s, available in 12M homes in the US. "

Leonard Asper

  • Leonard Asper is both the founder and CEO of Anthem Sports & Entertainment. He has more than 30 years of experience in the media industry, having previously served as both CEO and COO of Canwest Global Communications Corp and chairman of Rumble Gaming.
  • He is a graduate of both Brandeis University and the University of Toronto Law School and a member of the Ontario Bar.
  • Other initiatives led by Leonard include the Asper Foundation, where he is a trustee, Board of Overseers of the International Business School at Brandeis University, and Board of Governors of the Saul and Claribel Simkin Center, where he is a member.
  • He was also a recipient of Canada’s top 40 under 40 awards in 2001.

Sygnus Group

  • Sygnus Group, on the other hand, is a Caribbean-based financial solutions company that offers investment banking, investment management, and tax advisory. Some of the company’s C-suite executives are Beris Grey, Ike Johnson, and Jason Morris.

Larry Schwartz

  • Larry Schwartz is neither an executive nor a board member of either of the companies identified. A quick search on business listings and profiles such as LinkedIn revealed more than 200 results for Larry Schwartz, including co-Founder & CEO at Gig Exchange LLC.

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