Placebo Effect


To provide the latest information on the power of placebo through a list of studies that use placebo principles to help the mindset for positive health, particularly studies related to epigenetics and placebo, mindset, immune system, lowering stress.

Early Findings


Connecting the Brain and Body

  • An article published by Harvard Medical School provides that the human mind is a powerful healing tool and can help stimulate healing, and this explains why the placebo has been popular for millennia.
  • In the recent past, science has embraced that under the right circumstances, a placebo can be equally as effective as mainstream treatments.
  • The placebo effect surpasses more than just positive thinking and emphasizes the importance of connecting the brain and the body, to work together.
  • Even though placebo effect does not lower cholesterol or shrink a tumor, it can be used as a pain management concept. Placebo effect can also help to relieve stress-related insomnia and the side effects prompted by cancer treatment, such as fatigue and insomnia.

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