Cybersecurity Industry


Identify the recent trends, major industries impacted, main pain points, technologies, and future outlook for thhe cybersecurity industry.

Early Findings


  • One current trend in the cybersecurity industry is the change from phishing attacks being limited to email attacks, to now expanding to include SMS messaging attacks, phone calls, and social media messaging.


  • The top industries at risk for cybersecurity threats are retail and e-commerce businesses, medical/healthcare, banking and financial companies, the government and military, educational organizations, and energy and utility companies.

Pain Points

  • Current pain points for cybersecurity include the increasing volume and complexity of cybersecurity threats, a lack of security resources, and the challenge of prioritizing threats.


  • New technologies in the field of cybersecurity include using behavior analytics to monitor and identify suspicious activity and machine learning to detect breaches.

Future Outlook

Proposed next steps:

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As the initial research was only able to touch on current trends, we recommend further research to identify 5-7 trends in the cybersecurity industry. For each trend, we will identify what the trend is and why it is trending.
Additionally, we recommend further research to identify an additional 3-5 pain points and 3-5 new technologies being utilized in the field of cybersecurity. For each pain point, we will identify what the pain point is and what is being done to address it. For each technology, we will explain the technology and how it is being used in the field of cybersecurity, and provide one example company utilizing or creating the technology.
Finally, we recommend further research to identify 5-7 forward looking predictions for the cybersecurity industry, including industry growth, employment, regions of interest, or other.