Energy Tech White Space


Provide a background of what is happening in the white space area around energy technology, with a focus on what other oil and gas/energy companies are doing from a thought leadership standpoint, what else is going on from a thought leadership standpoint specifically related to energy tech, current industry leader(s) in the space, tech companies in the space, and related key notes, events, or activations

Early Findings

  • Thought leaders in the space include Karl Rabago, Executive Director, Pace Energy & Climate Center, Abhay Gupta, CEO and Founder, Bidgely, Chris Gould, Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Chief Sustainability Officer, Exelon Corporation.
  • Energy Tech offers an annual conference that features energy related technical exhibits and a focus on energy technology evolution.
  • Green Tech Media publishes studies and surveys on energy technology, often featuring data from consulting firm McKinsey, as well as BP.
  • BP offers a blog containing insights into Alternative Energy technology, written by chief executive Dev Sanyal
  • Exxon has been focused on promoting energy tech via its partnership with FuelCell for Carbon Capture technology.
  • Shell's recent energy tech focus has been on promoting innovative clean energy solutions.
  • Halliburton recently entered into a strategic agreement with Singapore’s Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Center (ARTC) to enable international collaboration for next-generation energy technologies.

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