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The goal is to determine the accuracy, reputation, and profile of various online law websites such as Lawyerist, Attorney at Work, Law Technology Today, and Business Insider.

Early Findings


  • Lawyerist describes itself as "the largest online community of small firm lawyers." It focuses on helping small law firms grow as well as connect lawyers with a supportive community.
  • The service typically focuses on the business side of law. It is a resource that offers tips, tools, and programs needed by lawyers to develop their profession. One of its most significant offerings is a weekly podcast known as the "Lawyerist Podcast." The show is hosted by Sam Glover, Aaron Street, and Stephanie Everett and features interviews with lawyers, authors, and thought leaders who share their views on law practice.
  • Lawyerist has a paid program called "Lawyerist Lab." The program was specifically designed to help small law firms develop the business structure they need as well as improve their overall business output through training in core business functions such as client acquisition, technology, and finances. The program costs $799 per month and requires a 1-year commitment.
  • Its main offering is the free community-based program for lawyers called "Lawyerist Insider." This offering provides access to educational resources, relationships and connections to other lawyers, and other discounts available to the community.
  • The accuracy of Lawyerist publications cannot be ascertained or determined because it markets itself solely as a community of lawyers who share thoughts and ideas towards developing each other.
  • A self-assessment guide for small law firms published by Lawyerist titled "The Small Firm Roadmap" has a rating of 5.0 on Amazon from 31 reviews.
  • The Lawyerist Podcast currently has 269 episodes listed on the Apple Podcast service and has an average rating of 5.0 from 26 reviews.

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