Research Outline

Leading Experts in Synthetic Media


To identify the world's leading experts or thought leaders in synthetic media, AI-generated content, and automated content generation by looking at the leaders in the academic space, startup space, and investor space. Conferences, trade shows, and other organizations related to this will also be included. An ideal response includes details on the leading experts' work, notable achievements or specialties, sources of funding, mission statement, and links for additional information.

Early Findings

Academic Space

  • Steve Chan published a paper entitled 'Convolutional Adversarial Neural Network (CANN) for Fault Diagnosis within a Power System: Addressing the Challenge of Event Correlation for Diagnosis by Power Disturbance Monitoring Equipment in a Smart Grid.' This was published in 2019 at the IEEE International Conference on Information and Communications Technology (ICOIACT).
  • Steve Chan is a researcher and faculty of the arts and sciences at Harvard University. He "served as a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School from 2012-2014, a Fellow at the Institute for Quantitative and Social Science’s Center for Geographic Analysis from 2010-2011, and an Information Sciences & Cyber Research Assistant at Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet & Society from 2008-2009."
  • In September 2020, Nikhil Singh Rathaur published a paper entitled "Age Unconstrained Photo IDValidation Using Contextual Generative Adversarial Networks." This was published in the International Journal of Computer Science and Mobile Computing.
  • In November 2020, Belen Vega-Marquez published a paper entitled "Generation of Synthetic Data with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks." This was published in the Logic Journal of the IGPL.
  • Greg Olmschenk of the Graduate Center of the University of New York published a dissertation entitled "Semi-supervised Regression with Generative Adversarial Networks Using Minimal Labeled Data." This was presented in September 2019.


  • Last November 14, 2019, a conference branded as 'FutureX Discover Synthetic Media' was held in Boston, US. This conference focused on "the new media type emerging at the intersection of computer-generated images, video, and voice and how this new technology can be used to show people saying things they didn’t actually say, and even doing things they didn’t actually do." This conference was organized by MITX.