Research Outline

Technological Solutions Vs Elderly Loneliness


To find the leading technology solutions that are used to reduce old-age loneliness. The information sought includes functionality details, KPIs and benchmark, number of customers, and high-level financial details . The findings will be used to help develop a top product in this field.

Early Findings



  • An Israeli startup specialized in AI has created a digital home companion designed for the elderly in order to fight loneliness.
  • ElliQ can respond to questions, start calls, schedule appointments, as well as provide entertainment options.
  • The device features Harman Kardon sound, a swivel head that provides gestural context, as well as a removable tablet.

KPIs and Benchmarks

  • ElliQ can be compared to Google's Alexa but is programmed specifically for people who are old and lonely, and is designed to help them age at home.

Number of Users

  • The device is still new in the U.S. and has been beta tested recently.

Financials (Revenue)

  • ElliQ is commercialized in the U.S. at a price of $1,499, which includes installation, and a year of free support for pre-orders.
  • Subscriptions costs between $35 to $50/monthly.
  • Intuition Robotics has raised around $36 million to develop ElliQ.
  • The estimated revenue of Intuition Robotics is around $10 million.

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