Research Outline

Markets and Economies Less Affected by COVID-19


To identify which markets have been less affected by COVID-19 (aka novel coronavirus) and provide a list of the top 4-6 countries that are the strongest from an economic perspective. Research will be used in prospecting and the development of a lead generation strategy.

Early Findings

During this initial hour of research, we were able to identify which markets have been less affected by the ongoing novel coronavirus pandemic. We also searched for which countries have had the strongest economic performance, although we were unable to compile a list of the top 4-6 countries during this hour. For the purposes of this research, we assumed "strongest countries from an economic perspective" to mean strongest performing in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis.

How COVID-19 Has Effected Different Markets

  • According to Money Observer, the COVID-19 crisis has affected the top ten markets as follows (listed from best-performing to worst-performing):
    • Utilities — down 15.4%
    • Health Care — down 19.6%
    • Consumer Goods — down 21.5%
    • Financials — down 28.8%
    • Technology — down 29.5%
    • General Industrials — down 32%
    • Consumer Services — down 33.2%
    • Telecommunication — down 33.7%
    • Basic Materials — down 38.1%
    • Oil and Gas — down 47.6%
  • The gold and cryptocurrency markets have also been largely unaffected by the current crisis.
  • Additionally, Bloomberg reports that communication services (telecommunication, entertainment, and media) are only down 5.97%, which is comparatively less than other markets.

Strongest Countries from an Economic Perspective

  • Money Observer also lists the economic performance among major countries and regions during the COVID-19 crisis as follows (listed from best-performing to worst-performing):

Summary of Findings

  • We spent this hour researching which markets have been less affected by the novel coronavirus pandemic, as well as which countries have demonstrated the strongest economic performance despite the ongoing crisis.
  • To summarize, gold, cryptocurrency, utilities, health care, consumer goods, and communication services are six markets that have been less affected by the current crisis. We recommend continued research to find insights related to why these markets have been less affected.
  • Our findings indicate that although there is an abundance of information related to which economies have been negatively impacted by the novel coronavirus, less data is available highlighting which countries have been exhibiting strong economic performance.
  • We were able to find this list ranking the global spread of COVID-19 by country, which may be a useful resource for our second proposal below.

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