Letter of Intent Examples


To obtain a list of templates for letters of intent to purchase goods for B2B transactions.

Early Findings

Our initial research found that there are very few templates or examples of letters of intent for the purchase of goods/products. Most templates and examples were for the purchase of real property. We were able to locate five examples, however, in most cases these will need to be amended in order to incorporate specific details. They may provide a good starting point for creating a letter of intent.
  • This template from Template.net features placeholders to list specific products that will be purchased.
  • This letter of intent is specifies computer equipment but can be modified for any type of product.
  • The Law Depot allows users to create and print free letters of intent online.
  • This is an example of a letter of intent for the purchase of good.
  • This document provides guidelines and best practices for writing a letter of intent for the purchase of goods. It also include a sample template.

Research proposal:

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