Level Agency Knowledge Base Research


To help determine the best platform for an internal Knowledge Base repository for a Level Agency based on the provided parameters, provide a review of the following platforms: MediaWiki, WikiDot, TikiWiki, DokuWiki, Guru, Quip, Zoomin, Bloomfire, Capacity and Happeo. For each platform, identify the features, the pricing (if available), popularity, types of clients that use it, overarching pros/cons, years in business, 2-3 top competitors, and use case studies. In addition, provide a general market overview of how mid-size organizations store and share their knowledge internally.

Early Findings


  • Features include linkable citations, personalization for sites via skins or custom CSS, file upload features, recent change history, article history, allows for editing by multiple users, has different permissions for different levels of user, and a full search feature, among others.
  • Free
  • MediaWiki is used to content manage less than 1% of websites, and its usage has been decreasing.
  • Companies like Vistaprint, CUSTIS, Novell, Intel Corporation, Wikia and End Point Corporation use MediaWikis.
  • Wiki pages have security flaws that can make them vulnerable, and Wiki-based internal knowledge bases tend to be incomplete.

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