Research Outline

Canada LGBTQ+ Tech Workplace


To understand current employee in the tech industry in Canada of LGBTQ+ employees.

Early Findings

  • Approximately 1.7% of the Canadian population identifies as gay or lesbian and a further 1.3% identify as bisexual. 0.9% of couples are same-sex couples.
  • According to one report, LGBTQ+ founders receive 11% less funding than others.
  • Out in Tech is an advocacy organization with worldwide chapters aiming to support and promote LGBTQ+ diversity in the tech industry.
  • Venture Out is a Canadian-specific organization for LGBTQ+ professionals in tech and entrepreneurship.
  • While we could not find any Canada-specific statistics for the tech industry, a Stack Overflow survey came back with 2.6% of software developers identifying as gay or lesbian, 1.4% as queer and 5.2% as bisexual. 0.9% of respondents answered yes to a question about identifying as transgender.
  • Google's diversity report for 2019 shows 7.1% of employees self-identified as LGBT+ and/or trans+.
  • Surveys, however, may not always show the full picture. An extensive study by BCG showed that 40% of LGBTQ+ employees are not "out" at work. 36% say they have lied or covered up their identity.