Research Outline

Women's Executive Networking


To provide a deeper dive on the 27 women's networking organizations provided in column B rows 3-29 of the attached spreadsheet. For every organization, the following information is to be provided: a general description of the organization, including its mission, any membership information available (e.g., requirements to be a member, notable members, size), a summary of the key issues they support, current strategic partners, programs developed or events hosted, any awards received, 2-3 notable mentions in media, and the number of followers on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook.

Early Findings

    • During our first hour of research, we were able to provide the requested information for C200. The company does not have a Facebook page. It has also not listed it's strategic partners on its website. However, with additional hours of research, we can search for the partners from press releases or third party websites. We will also need more research hours to identify other awards the organization has received (if available). We were also able to provide some of the requested information for YPO and Landit.
    • We have also not footnoted the sources. If sources are to be footnoted, kindly communicate in any reply below.